Precision Weights Certificates (July 30, 2015):

The Mass Value Certificates for our precision weights dated July 21, 2015: 2313996-A (pdf, 1.18 MB — due back in 2 years)

The previous report dated July 15, 2013: 2024306-A-B (pdf, 1.45 MB — due back in 2 years)

K-Scale, LLC, Agency Certificates (May 04, 2015):​

South Dakota Department of Weights & Measures: 2016 (pdf, 3.02 MB)

Iowa Dept. of Agriculture & Land Stewardship: 2016 (pdf, 1,082 kb)

Individual technicians are also certified in North Dakota, Minnesota, Wyoming and Nebraska. If you would like a technician’s certification number, let us know.

Test Cart & Weights Report (Oct. 30, 2015):

The SD Department of Commerce, Office of Weights and Measures, report on our test carts and weights: MP3395(pdf, 0.97 MB), dated Oct 29, 2015.

The previous report: MP3338 (pdf, 7.36 MB), dated Oct 30, 2014.

The previous report: MP3288A (pdf, 8.51 MB), dated Oct 17, 2013

our certifications

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 ​We have been in the scale business for over 30 years. The company was founded by Kevin Baumgartner, who still owns and operates the business. We supply and maintain scales throughout South Dakota and southern North Dakota.

​We believe that a weighing system consists of more than merely a load receiver and indicator. Equally important elements in the system are support and personnel who understand the needs of the customer and suppliers dedicated to manufacturing high quality scale systems.

Our staff takes pride in supplying you with the finest scales available and field service technicians who have the skill and expertise to properly install and maintain the equipment.

​We cover western South Dakota, western North Dakota southeastern Montana, and Northeastern Wyoming.